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cuts of Grass Fed Beef

Here is a list of some of the more common cuts of beef:

  • Rump Roasts - Rump Roast is a cut of beef from the bottom round or the fleshy hindquarter. It is a very flavorful cut and lends well to braising. It is a very lean  and tasty cut that is best suited for the slow cooker.

  • Tri- tip or Sirloin Tip Roast - The Tri-tip Roast gets it’s name from it’s distinctive triangular shape. This is a versatile lean and tender cut of beef that can be grilled, broiled or oven roasted. This flavorful and tender beef is sure to become a family favorite.

  • Chuck Roast - The Chuck Roast is a cut of beef from the upper shoulder. It is also know as the “seven bone roast” since the bone is shaped like the number 7. This is a very marbled cut and is a classic cut for the slow cooker.

  • Arm Roast - The Arm Roast is a cut of beef from the lower shoulder. It is also known as Round Bone Pot Roast since it has a round marrow bone in the center. It is slightly more tender that the Chuck Roast. It is also best suited for slow and low heat cooking techniques.

  • Brisket - Taken from the lower chest area, the Brisket is a very tough cut of beef with a flavor that can’t be beat. It is ideally cooked on low heat for several hours but guaranteed to be definitely worth the wait.

  • Stew Beef - The combination of the variety of beef cuts makes stew beef especially flavorful and satisfying on a cold winter day. An ideal slow cooker beef, it is best enjoyed at the end of the day.

  • Ground Beef -  A staple in an American household for tasty grilled cheeseburgers, fast and easy tacos, warm and comforting chili and the traditional spaghetti sauce. Stock-up on the versatile ground beef for all your summer barbecues and winter casseroles.

  • T-Bone Steaks - Named for its T- shaped bone, this cut of beef  is part strip sirloin and part filet mignon. It is a favorite of steak enthusiasts and are ideal for summer grilling and broiling.

  • Rib-Eye Steaks - Another favorite of steak fans, the Rib-Eye is known for the marbling throughout the meat making this cut very tender, flavorful and juicy.

  • Top Sirloin Steaks - Taken from the center of the Sirloin, the Top Sirloin is the most tender  and juicy part of the Sirloin, making it ideal for grilling

  • Round Steak - This cut of beef is a lean but flavorful cut. Marinating and/or braising  this cut ensures a satisfying, tender meal.

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